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Do you also want to succeed in your business? According to Google, around 80% of business worlds of the online world are online, Digital marketing is a key to making your business successful And if you ignore digital marketing then your competitor will be far ahead of your business and you will not want to I’m Akash Bhati, a freelance SEO consultant. I’ve helped many businesses get more visitors to, and make more sales from, their websites. My experience, knowledge, and skills can help your business achieve this too.I’ve worked as a freelance SEO Expert in Delhi since 2013. I’ve worked with business owners and provided services to SEO companies, and have improved the online presence of websites across a wide range of industries. I have a deep technical knowledge base and expertise in all aspects of the SEO process. If you want proof of my SEO skills, search Google.co.in for the below keyword phrases. This website ranks highly on the 1st page for all of them, as well as hundreds of others, which in total attract more than 12,000 visitors a month from Google.

I can optimize your business In Google Search Engine so that your business is profitable

Why is freelance digital marketers perfect for startups or online business?

Freelance digital marketers In Delhi or India do not have jobs in any company, their jobs are their clients. Understanding the client’s need and bringing the business or website to the top of the search engine, it is a good expert Understanding the client’s need and bringing the business or website to the top of the search engine, it is a good expert And after that there is no guarantee, whether it will serve you or not, Serial no Guarantee. And I give you a bribe Business Business or that your website will be brought to Google in Organic 4-6 Months on page 1, other Wise Money Back Any freelancer and company that you will not offer. Because I am also a middle-class family So I know what the value of money is. I do not do any black hats in it, I am saving Totally Organic, which is with the Google algorithm. I have been sleeping for more than 4 years and therefore I have a lot of technical know-how to get your business boost Save your business or website only after properly saving it Ranking in Google is not so easy anymore. Therefore, you should have a very good experience and follow all the rules of Goole.


What Is SEO And what services will I give you?

This is the services I will give you

1. Onpage SEO

Title tag

Meta Description Tag

Content Optimizing

Image Optimizing

CSS & JS Minification

Internal Linking one page to another page

Analytics Setup

Webmaster Search console Setup

and lots of Other Technical Terms Provide You

2. OffPage SEO

Directory Submissions

Classifieds Submissions

Google My Business Placing

Video submissions

PDF Submissions

Doc Submissions

Blog & Article Submission and optimization

Social Media Optimization

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter ETC

Backlinks Creation

and lots Of off page activity will provide you





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